License Offer:

We are a design house.  Our arrangement is through licensing our patent.  This is primarily due to the rapid changes in component technology and that such designs are integrated in different ways by each prospective market/manufacturer.  We can provide some engineering consultation to assist in their adoption of the design (under a licensing agreement), generally at $150/hour.  Licensing of the patent is by rights fee, an annual as well as a per-unit-manufactured fee.  The Rights fee is to sign over to the interested party the rights to use the patented concept and would be negotiated.  Annual fee for licensing the patent would also be negotiated with a per-unit fee.  The rights fee is due upon signing the agreement, the annual fee at the beginning of each year of manufacture, with the per-unit fee due at the end of the fiscal year.  For further information please complete our contact section.

Please note:  We are only licensing Intellectual Property (IP), We are not licensing functional designs of our products.