Severe Braking Warning System for Vehicles Review


The Severe Braking Warning System for Vehicles (SBWSV) United States Patent 6,249,219 is used to instantly warn following drivers and others of an urgent vehicle deceleration, which helps reduce the possibility of rear end collisions. The patented severe braking warning system for vehicles self-contained control module is simple to connect to the existing center brake light, or all the brake lights of a vehicle for simultaneous on/off emergency braking warning flash display.



Installation of the SBWSV is made easy via 2-wire connector to existing wiring of any light, medium, or heavy vehicle. When the driver applies the brakes during a severe braking emergency, the system automatically activates its built in microprocessor, which in turn reads the accelerometer x-axis gravity force, and instantly assigns the on/off flash rate indicative of the severity of deceleration exerted on the vehicle -- No modification of existing circuitry is required to install the patented SBWSV, making OEM adaptation ideal and allowing for aftermarket possibilities.



To distinguish emergency braking from normal braking, the SBWS employs the use of a single dual-axis micro-electromechanical system or MEMS accelerometer. The patented system continuously measures acceleration and deceleration vector measurement of the rate and direction of motion to effectively determine when an emergency braking condition has taken place. When the driver presses the brake pedal, voltage is applied to the brake lights and SBWS sensor electronics to instantly determine whether or not the deceleration rate indicates a braking emergency.

Various road tests and known force calculations results indicate motor vehicle severe braking applications measurements are effective when acceleration and deceleration gravity forces are measured only in the direction of vehicle travel. The forces measured by the patented system are severe deceleration in the direction of travel of the vehicle, allowing for accurate deceleration measurements that are not susceptible to the vehicle's attitude, like ascending or descending a hill. The systems accelerometer thus ignores ‘other forces’ such as vehicle inclinations during travel (because they are overcome by the primary, similar to vector or inertial force), and up and down vibrations caused by potholes and other road irregularities are ignored by the system.

State-of-the-art Technology

United States Patent Number 6,249,219 is the first and only patent in the field that offers the unique ability to employ a switch that is electrically connected to a microprocessor and to an existing brake light circuitry of a moving vehicle, said brake light circuitry further connected to said vehicle's brake light indicators, wherein said switch is configured to receive said output signal created by said microprocessor to activate the brake light circuitry on and off simultaneously at a programmed rate correlative to said deceleration forces, causing said brake light indicators to blink on and off at said programmed rate; and, said switch further connected to said brake light circuitry such that said switch does not impede normal functioning of said vehicle's brake light indicators during normal braking. The only patented system that is fail-safe, while allowing self-contained compatibility with the existing vehicle brake light wiring or circuitry.

For original equipment suppliers, this allows for installation of the SBWSV that may be added during subsystems manufacturing, or during the production of new models, or altogether separately. This means added safety benefit to the customer for pennies on the dollar!

Aftermarket suppliers will greatly benefit from the systems 15-minute Ez-install capability. Additional opportunities are possible to provide the SBWSV as an option or even a dealer installed option, as the cost is almost insignificant and because the system is comprised of inexpensive micro chips, the margin benefits opportunities to the OEM and dealer are extremely high. OEM's and dealers will greatly profit from the added benefit - instantaneously.

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Seamless Expansion Capabilities

The SBWSV is the only device that may be coupled to United States Patent 6,714,127 Emergency Warning System for Vehicles (EWSV). The added benefit of coupling to the EWSV is that emergency braking warnings are also transmitted via radio frequency to other vehicles traveling in the same direction and within a close proximity. So when you invest in the SBWSB you are not limited by obsolete technologies, but future growth opportunities aimed at intelligent vehicle systems application.

License Offer:

Intelligent Vehicle Technologies, LLC is offering this technology available for license at reasonable terms and conditions, within the following fields of use:

  • OEM
  • Light Vehicle and Automotive
  • Trailers
  • Commercial and heavy vehicle
  • Military vehicle fleets

Note: Exclusive licenses available.