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Company Profile

Headquartered in Califon, New Jersey, Intelligent Vehicle Technologies, LLC has over 
two decades of experience in the creative design of high-performance, self-contained intelligent vehicle safety solutions. Because safety is top priority, we make our systems available for licensing at relatively inexpensive cost to our customers. For your next project, consider IVT for simple implementation and product adaptation to your light, medium, or heavy vehicle product line. Intelligent Vehicle Technologies Company, LLC is a Member of the IEEE.

Our Mission

"Safety is top priority and the Cornerstone of our foundation - - the cause for safety shall remain for service as a lighthouse for orientation and guidance in everything we do - - Through innovative and intelligent application of technology we will constantly strive and find better ways to develop lifesaving products - and we will therefore look to diligently serve and protect our end-user and ourselves - - Safety is no accident, and therefore our mission and philosophy is to become the global leading provider of simple, inexpensive, intelligent vehicle technology solutions to the markets we serve."